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Digital Native

I’ve been online for over twenty years. From the AOL chatroom days, the dawn of Google, through the Myspace generation, and the first YouTube stars, into now. I speak digital and know exactly where, and where not, we should focus your energy in this vast landscape.

Born in the USA, Based in NL over 10 years

I’m a native English, fluent in Dutch, American who has lived and worked in Amsterdam for over ten years. Whether you want to focus on the local market or broaden your horizons to the international community, I can help you find your way.

B2C or B2B and everywhere in Between

I’ve supported local businesses, creative entrepreneurs, international NGO’s, and B2B agencies with their online and offline marketing needs. The tools and methods are universal, but it’s about understanding your unique business reality to create an actionable strategy that helps you move forward.